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Oxyfresh Pet Dental Gel - 4oz
Oxyfresh Pet Dental Gel - 4oz

Best solution, paws down for pet dental care and fresher breath.

Fast-acting Dental Care Pet Gel is formulated to deliver cleaner teeth, remove plaque, condition and deodorize gums, and deliver the best pet fresh breath possible.

Oxyfresh innovative Pet Dental Gel is an instant fresh breath, ultra versatile, must-have dental health product for all pet parents.

The blend of Oxygene, zinc, and aloe safely eliminates bacteria that causes bad pet breath, while also removing plaque buildup and protecting sensitive pet gums.

Oxyfresh pet dental gel is completely tasteless and odorless so even the pickiest dogs or cats love it. All Oxyfresh formulas are completely safe for both cats and dogs and 100% non-toxic.

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